12. jul 2017

Danish District Heating Association

Danish District Heating Association (Dansk Fjernvarme) was founded in 1957 with the aim of organising Danish district heating companies; facilitate cooperation between these members and to promote their interests towards authorities and other organisations. Today, the organisation has 45 employees. 

Danish District Heating Association has around 400 all over Denmark. The largest district heating companies are municipally owned. These deliver around two thirds of all district heating. The other district heating companies are predominantly consumer owned cooperatives. Members supply 64 pct. of Danish households (1.7 million) with district heating, covering around half the demand for space heating demand in all buildings. 51 % of delivered district heating is green, sustainable heat produced from renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources include: Solar energy, geothermal, biomass, biodegradable waste, biogas, bio-oil, heat pumps, and electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

Danish District Heating Association is financed by member’s fees, which are calculated on the basis of members heat sales. Meetings, training courses, publishing, projects etc. generate a further income. Total turnover in 2015 was almost €7.6 million.

Our mission
Danish District Heating Association promotes the interests of the members in a visible and efficient manner, aiming for environmental protection, energy efficiency and security of supply, and with due consideration to the economy and the district heating consumers.

This is done by: 

  • Influencing rules and conditions of production, transmission, distribution and sales of district heating in Denmark
  • Ensuring development of the district heating sector
  • Gathering knowledge about district heating
  • Disseminating knowledge through meetings, training courses etc.
  • Information activities
  • Inspiring members to develop strategies and act strategically
  • Uniting district heating stakeholders in Danish District Heating Association
  • Solving common problems among members
  • Providing service to members

Our vision
Danish District Heating Association is an active and visible stakeholder in the Danish energy sector.

Green energy

Green Energy was set up in 2012 as a think tank to create knowledge about sustainable energy systems.

Green Energy creates knowledge about sustainable energy systems. We implement analyses and launch innovation projects that are able to clarify and document the important role that is played by district heating systems in a sustainable and integrated energy system. Our work aims to make the Danish district heating industry more visible in the Danish political debate and contribute to increased exports of green district heating solutions to foreign markets.

Specifically, we work with:

  • Agenda-setting analyses and initiatives related to energy policy
  • The documentation of innovative technology projects
  • The development of innovative business models for foreign markets
  • Launch of demonstration towns and projects that have the potential to promote district heating exports
  • Building a knowledge bank about district heating
  • The dissemination of knowledge about district heating and its advantages