28. jun 2017 Landsmøde

Dansk Fjernvarme's national congress brings together the energy industry

Dansk Fjernvarme is the trade organisation for the approximately 400 district heating companies in Denmark, that provide 64% of Danish homes with energy for heating and hot water. In Denmark, district heating provides consumers with a cheap form of heating and with an extremely reliable supply stability. District heating is becoming increasingly based on greener fuel sources such as solar heating and biomass.  

At the present time, the industry is undertaking large-scale investment towards its adaptation to the sustainable energy supply of the future. This applies, for example, in heat production and storage, integration with other energy sectors, distribution and optimisation of networks, consumer service, IT and so on.   Dansk Fjernvarme hosts its national congress annually, with attendance by 2,000 participants from the entire energy industry. The congress is the largest event in the Danish energy sector and includes decision-makers from district heating companies, the district heating industry and energy politicians at local and national level. In 2017, our national congress will be held in Aalborg and last for two days, 26 and 27 October.  

As well as being the framework for a series of discussions on the framework conditions for the district heating industry, the national congress also holds a major annual exhibition of Danish district heating solutions. In 2017, there will be no fewer than 127 exhibitors, representing some of the world's leading companies within consulting and manufacture of district heating technology.  

The exhibition is located in the centre point of all activities, sessions, lunch, etc., with plenty of time being set aside in the programme to allow participants to visit the meeting points and stands.   

There is always plenty of competition for exhibitor spaces, as the national congress is a unique opportunity to get close to the industry's decision-makers. Therefore, it usually becomes fully booked very quickly. Currently, our 2017 spaces are fully booked. If you would like a booth for the 2018 congress, please contact Director Eva L. Rasmussen, FIF Marketing, on telephone number (+45) 7630 8011 or by email at er@fif-marketing.dk.


Landsmøde 2018 afholdes i Aalborg den 25.-26. oktober 2018

Hold dig orienteret om nyheder vedrørende landsmødet 2018 her på siden. Vel mødt i Aalborg!

21. nov 2017 Landsmøde

Evaluering af #LM2017: Vindere udtrukket

Knap halvdelen af landsmødets 2.100 gæster har gennemført evalueringen. 10 heldige vindere er udtrukket.

08. nov 2017 Landsmøde

LM2017: Hilsen fra ministeren og fjernvarmepris

Se eller gense energi-, forsynings- og klimaminister Lars Chr. Lilleholts tale ved årets landsmøde. Du kan også se uddelingen af årets fjernvarmepris til Slagslunde.

06. nov 2017 Landsmøde

LM2017: Ny energiaftale og robotter

Torsdagen på årets landsmøde lukkede med debat om en ny energiaftale, mens fredagen åbnede med robotter, der får større og større betydning i fjernvarmen. 

03. nov 2017 Landsmøde

LM2017: Fjernvarme i byrummet

Et panel bestående af en arkitekt, en stadsdirektør, en kommunaldirektør og en forsyningsdirektør debatterede på årets landsmøde, hvordan fjernvarmen bliver borgernært gennem byudvikling.